Phillipians 4:6- Be anxious for nothing. But in all things by prayer and fasting let your requests be made known unto God. And His peace which passeth all understanding will guide your heart and mind through Christ Jesus.   

Anxious in this verse means not to fret or worry. As Christians we are not to take on stress and burdens of this life as if we have no hope. We are to put our hope in God. We are to put our FAITH in God. If you have little faith, pray for more, if you have great faith, Hallelujah. However, we must have it in this walk with God. Scripture says without faith we can't even please God. We should all want to do let's keep our focus on Him.

How do we do that? Every morning when you get up, put God first. Do so by thanking Him for the day, taking time to pray and reading His Word. If we acknowledge God in all of our ways, He will direct our paths. Invite God into every area of your life. When you do so, you will begin to see results. We've got to walk by faith and not by sight. Let's wait on God and not be anxious. Let's wait on him patiently, knowing that we are seeking His face. Let's recognize for whom we wait......We are waiting on the Almighty God, The Creator of the Universe. The one who even clothes the birds of the field and give them their daily food. How much more us! God is faithful. Let's wait on Him in trust and in hope...Knowing that God does answer prayer!